How Is Sam Rutigliano Connected With This Girl?

If you know me at all, then you know that my eternal quest has been to find some connection between former Browns head coach Sam Rutligliano and porn. Today I am happy to announce, mission accomplished! Thanks to the lovely lady below, in the future when you think of porn (and you will), you can also think of Rutigliano, who once teamed with Jerry Falwell to sue the NCAA for not letting his Liberty University players pray in the end zone following touchdowns.

Catalina Cruz Sam Rutigliano

Catalina Cruz (pictured) is a porn actress and Cleveland native who was interviewed on Monday by radio station 1560 The Game in Houston. In looking over the transcripts on SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS.COM, I found out that her mother once worked for the Browns, as the secretary for the head coach when Rutligliano was there. Irony, thou art awesome and good.

(Also awesome & good: More Catalina Cruz photos after the jump.)

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