Green Bay Packer Plans For Favre, Jeffrey Dahmer

When asked about the current playing status of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre this week, Green Bay Packers Linebacker Nick Barnett tipped us off just how extensive - and indiscriminate - his team’s defense preparation will be this season.

Nick Barnett ready for Favre, Norman Bates, Jeffrey Dahmer or Saddam Hussein

(No shortage of defensive schemes this season for Pack)

“If he is retired, congratulations. If he’s not, we have the same goal, and that’s to hit him. It doesn’t matter if he retires or not or whoever’s playing quarterback over there - Norman Bates, Jeffrey Dahmer, Saddam Hussein, doesn’t matter. We still have the same goal in mind, to terrorize him.”

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Gil’s Golden Gun Same As Saddam, Austin Powers

Ken Berger of reported yesterday that Gilbert Arenas could very well be facing jail time because of his penchant for owning unregistered firearms.

Gilbert Arenas used same gun as in movie Austin Powers Goldmember

(Gil’s gun: Same model used in Austin Powers in Goldmember movie)

In 2003 Arenas was popped for carrying an unlicensed gun. With that context, Berger duly noted:

“The U.S. Attorney will have to file charges for possession of a pistol without a license,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he did not have jurisdiction over the case. “The prosecutor cannot simply walk away from this case.”

It gets worse.

“Given his prior offense, however, a judge might consider jail time in this case,” one of the law enforcement officials said. “It all depends on which judge he draws.”

Aren’t inadvisable draws what got him into this mess in the first place?

Gilbert Arenas same golden gun model as Saddam Hussein used

(Saddam’s golden gun - look familiar Gil?)

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