“SPORTSbyBROOKS will revolutionize your life”

Much of my 16-year main media career was spent in sports radio as a talk show host, play-by-play announcer and program director. When I created the internet’s first sports blog in May, 2001, it wasn’t called a “blog” back then and I was still working full-time in radio.

Larry Brown Sports Sporting News Radio

For the first few years I was writing SbB, I worked part- and full-time at Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and Sporting News Radio. While there’s a lot of sports radio guys now blogging, one guy in particular has emerged as the leader in the field: Larry Brown of LarryBrownSports.com.

Larry’s no newbie, he’s been running his site for a few years now and his blog has become a legit player on the sports media landscape. If you work in sports and don’t have it bookmarked by now, you aren’t doing your job.

So I suppose it was none too ironic when Larry got a call on his nationally syndicated Sporting News Radio show last night from a caller named James from Detroit who voiced an unprompted appreciation for my mom’s favorite sports blog based in Venice Beach.
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