ESPN-TV: “TCU Would Never Make It To Atlanta”

College football fans across the country expressed a wide variety of emotions Saturday during ESPN’s College Gameday show after the network aired a short lead-in piece setting up a discussion segment on today’s SEC Championship game in Atlanta between South Carolina and Auburn.

The 90-second piece showed various images of SEC football as a narrator set the scene for today’s game. But what caused a noticeable reaction across the country on the web was what the narrator said about TCU. A minute into the video, the voiceover proclaimed, “TCU would never make it to Atlanta. In Atlanta, we settle things on the field.”

Immediately after the piece aired, almost every manner of college football fan on message boards and Twitter expressed real-time surprise, disdain and in the case of many SEC fans, sheer ecstasy.

In observing that widespread reax, there was one common theme: Thousands of fans thought that ESPN was making a statement about what it thought of the legitimacy of TCU as a college football power. Read more…