Pavin Wife: 20 Meetings To Design Leaky Rainsuits

GOLF WORLD - via Geoff Shackleford - has apparently uncovered why the U.S. Ryder Cup team in Wales was, somehow, outfitted with rainsuits that weren’t waterproof.

Lisa Pavin had 20 meetings in designing leaky rainsuits

What happened? Here’s the prevailing view: Lisa Pavin’s weird design happened. She wanted names on the backs of the jackets and stripes on the pants and sleeves. Those accoutrements had to be embroidered, which meant, in effect, poking dozens of tiny holes into the fabric, renderingthe rainsuits vulnerable in a downpour—and there were plenty of those last week (players were complaining as early as Tuesday about the rainsuits).

So why didn’t Sun Mountain explain this to Pavin? Supposedly the company did—there were more than 20 meetings between Sun Mountain and the Pavins—but in the end, Lisa got the design she wanted. And the U.S. team got soaked.

This after Mrs. Pavin was provided an “unlimited budget” to outfit the team.

Lisa Pavin Rain Suit Gaffe

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Ryder Cup Player Rainsuits Great, Unless It Rains

The only thing worse than playing a round of golf in Wales in October is playing a round of golf in Wales in October wearing a rainsuit that isn’t actually rain-proof.

Ryder Cup Rainsuits Not Rain Proof

(Golf writer Jason Sobel is on the scene)

The past 48 hours American players have found that out in Wales as the Celtic Manor track has been and continues to be, predictably, deluged during play - with U.S. players themselves waterlogged despite being furnished four pairs of custom raingear.

Lisa Pavin Rain Suit Gaffe

Corey Pavin’s wife Lisa was responsible for outfitting the players and to her credit did a spiffy job on the form of the rainsuits - just not the function. (Apparently she had other apparel, or lack thereof, on her mind at the time.

Lisa Pavin Magazine Cover

The suits proved so ineffective that players had to be provided new gear straight from the Celtic Manor merchandise tent. Replete with the Euro team’s Ryder Cup logo and at a cost of $6,552.00. Read more…