Friday Night Fights: Tulsa HS Games Turn Violent

Why do people attend football games? Is it to see the action on the field? Is it a chance to get together and spend time with friends and/or family? Is it to lend support one’s favorite teams or schools? Or is it just a fun way to pass the time, reveling in the atmosphere of one of the greatest sports on the planet?


If you asked me, and I just did, I’d say all of the above.  And even though I don’t really get into high school football the way a lot of people do (years of riding the pine will do that), I understand the thrills of watching tomorrow’s stars - or at least your kids - do their thing under the Friday Night Lights. But then again, I’m just a Midwestern kid; what do I know. Down in Oklahoma they take this stuff seriously. How serious? Pepper spray-and-guns serious.

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