Confirmation: Greg Robinson Is No James Bond

Last Saturday against Wisconsin, Michigan improved its scoring defense by nearly three touchdowns from the week before. So how did the Wolverines hold the Badgers to a mere 48 points in a 2o-point blowout loss?

Greg Robinson stuffed animal

Ah, that’s for UM defensive coordinator Greg Robinson to know and you to find out.

Yes, we now know Robinson held out on us last week as he readied his 112th-ranked defense for the Badgers. During the game, after Michigan middle linebacker Kenny Demens recovered a fumble in the third quarter, Robinson was soon seen “furiously” rubbing what looked like a stuffed animal in the face of a generally bewildered Demens.

Apparently getting in touch with his inner child on the sideline is a new thing for Robinson, at least if the reax of MGOBLOG last Saturday was any indication:

From BlueinLansing:

I was watching Gerg, and I kid you not there was not a UM player/coach or staff member within 15 yards of him. He was just standing there alone.

Oops, wrong message. Here you go …

From Antonio_Sass:

It was the WR fumble in the 3rd Quarter. Greg Robinson was furiously rubbing a stuffed animal on Kenny Demens’ face. Kenny looked like he thought it was pretty awkward.

Funny, it isn’t awkward when Bond does it.

Greg Robinson stuffed animal

(Not that we needed any)

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