Rio de Janeiro Gets The 2016 Summer Olympics

Just gone official. Good for them.

Rio Girls

(Why do I have formerly jaded Oly-attending media members will be there?)

Pretty astonishing there’s never been an Olympic Games in South America to this point. That may have been the final, driving force in the decision. (At least I hope it was.)

Michelle Obama Oprah Winfrey

(Somehow IOC was able to avoid the rapturous allure of Chicago celebrity)

I think it’s great Rio got The Games. It’s wonderful, in all seriousness, to see them get something you know will hugely benefit the city. The IOC, to its credit, made the right call. But the slap at the U.S. (and the Obamas) was uncalled for.

It’s very clear now that President Obama should’ve never gone to Copenhagen unless he’d planned to stay a couple days. It’s one thing for the “King” of Spain to stay for a couple days, it’s another for the most powerful man in the world to do so. He shouldn’t have gone either way.

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