Matt Kemp On Rihanna Relationship: “Hanging Out”

Matt Kemp guested on Fox Sports Radio on Thursday, chatting with co-hosts Chris Myers and Steve Hartman. Both hosts wasted little time in noting Kemp’s relationship with Rihanna while pressing for details.

Matt Kemp and Rihanna in Cabo

(Awww, hopeless romantics those two!)

Hartman first pointed out Rihanna’s recent birthday before asking Kemp, “Did you buy her a diamond necklace?”

Kemp to Hartman: “C’mon guys… (laughs) … y’all are killing me, man.

Myers: “Are you guys dating, can you clarify that?”

Kemp: “That’s just a good friend of mine. A very good friend of mine we enjoying hanging out with each other and just having fun.

Hartman then asked Kemp what common interests the two have. Read more…