Mia Lines Has A Mean Backhand For A 4-Year Old

When Tiger Woods and his wife had a son on Sunday, there were a lot of jokes about how in two years he was going to be better than half the golfers on the PGA Tour. They were jokes, sure, but really were they that far off? I mean, after all, wasn’t Tiger only two years old when he appeared on The Mike Douglas Show? The truth is, parents are getting their kids started in sports earlier and earlier in hopes of cashing in on their progeny.

Mia Lines

One such sport where this has been prevalent for a while is tennis. Stars such as Venus Williams, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova were trained as children to be tennis machines, and it paid off in the form of millions of dollars in winnings and endorsements. Which is why if you’re going to train your little girl to be a tennis pro, you should probably hire the same coach who taught those three. Even if your daughter is only four years old.

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