It Pays To Be Rich At The Two New N.Y. Ballparks

If living in the United States my entire life has taught me anything, it’s that rich people are better than me. If you’re incredibly wealthy, people will treat you a lot differently and do things like give you your own reality television show, or make you a celebrity even though you haven’t actually done anything in life that’s worthy of attention except for forgetting to put on underwear.

Still, throughout this country’s history, there’s generally always been one place where the rich and the poor can rub elbows together and share a common interest: a baseball game.  Whether you’re a billionaire or just some slob making $25,000 a year at a crappy job, life is the same at the ballpark where both ends of the economic spectrum can stand together and tell the umpire that he’s blind.

At least that’s how it used to be. Read more…