Clausen’s BC Pushee: Notre Dame QB Is ‘Phony’

We finally have some on-the-record reaction from Jimmy Clausen and Rich Gunnell after their confrontation following ND’s 20-16 win over BC last Saturday.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Clausen a “phony”? Mr. Gunnell, get in line)

Clausen said this week that he did his best to avoid what happened: “I was just going up to him to say he’s a heck of a receiver. He was making plays left and right and he’s a real good talent.

Gunnell wasn’t nearly as complimentary. Actually, swap out “nearly as” with “at all”. Read more…

Video: Jimmy Clausen Gets Pushy With BC Player

After Notre Dame’s shaky 20-16 win over Boston College today, Jimmy Clausen went over to shake the hand of BC player Rich Gunnell.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Screenshots via Chris Littman of TSB)

Gunnell was in no mood for consolation though, and he delivered some pointed words in Clausen’s direction. One guess how Clausen reacted to the situation.

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