Are Rhoads Explosions Taking Toll On Iowa State?

This week a less-than-private debate in and around Ames, Iowa, has broken out about the behavior of Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads during Texas A&M’s 33-17 win over the Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium last Saturday.

Paul Rhoads explodes at official during Iowa State Texas A&M game

Rhoads was seen on the ESPN telecast late in the second quarter exploding at an official in a scene that featured the Iowa State Coach Triple Jumping his way into a display that also included a Pete Townsend windmill and was topped off with a demonstrative pelvic thrust that’d make Madonna blush. (Okay, maybe not.)

Rhoads has long been known for emotional displays, but apparently last Saturday was a little too much for some Cyclone followers - and media members - to take.

When asked by a reporter on Monday if he went “over the top” during Saturday’s game, Rhoads stated:

“I am an animated guy. I am a passionate guy. Coaching football is my livelihood and fighting for our football team and most importantly our kids and the opportunity to win football games is my responsibility. I love that. I’ve never made any apologies for who I am or how I do it and I never will.”

Rhoads was also asked if he thought his emotional style of coaching may have an adverse effect on his players. Rhoads:

“I think that our football team is fully aware of who I am. I yell. I cry. I laugh,” Rhoads said. “If you ask me if it had an adverse effect or a negative effect on them, I would really highly doubt that because they see it on a daily basis. I don’t change from Wednesday to Saturday. They know what they’ve got.”

If Iowa State had beaten Texas A&M 33-17 instead of losing by the same score, is it unreasonable to think those questions may not have come up on Monday?

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