False Fraud Charge To Coverup Indy Colt’s Affair?

Indianapolis TV station Fox 59 reports a local woman is claiming that a credit card fraud allegation against her is the result of her being outed as the mistress of Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

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(Woman has photos, receipts related to trysts with the married Wayne)

Recently 15 FBI agents raided 26 year-old Natasha McKenzie’s home, taking many of her belongings after she was suspected of stealing Wayne’s Huntington Bank debit card and charging nearly $100,000 on it.

The raid was spurred by a police report filed by Wayne last month:

A police report filed in April said Wayne was contacted by a department store about an attempted transaction and he learned that up to 333 charges had been made on the account since September.

The report said Wayne didn’t know how the woman got the number. 

McKenzie told Fox 59 she was blindsided by the raid, saying, “Reggie gave me all of his credit card information I still have a record of everything he gave me.Read more…