Mets’ Citi Field Throws Out Its First Phillies Fan

In case you were running a pool at the office about how many games would be played in Citi Field before a Phillies fan was thrown out of the park — and, really, why wouldn’t you be — I hope you chose zero. The first game in the Mets’ new digs was played this past Sunday between St. John’s and Georgetown, and before it even started, a Phillies fan had been asked to leave the stadium.

Reed Frazier

Reed Frazier is a 22-year old student at St. John’s who is a Television and Film Production major. He was at the game on Sunday to help broadcast the game over his university’s website, having a press pass and everything. Reed also had on a Phillies jacket because he’s a Phillies fan, and as it turns out, that’s unacceptable at Citi Field.

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