Latest Bradley Meltdown Pushes Pinella Past Limit

Perhaps Lou Pinella could have used some of that pot he admitted to having smoked after watching yet another meltdown by one of his players last night. Not surprisingly, it was Milton Bradley who was the instigator this time, flinging his batting helmet in disgust and tossing a Gatorade cooler around the dugout after a bad at-bat in the team’s game versus the Chicago White Sox. (And what do baseball players have against Gatorade? If Tiger Woods ever walked into a MLB dugout, he’d probably be clubbed to death on sight.)

Milton Bradley throwing baseballs

(Lou Pinella was shocked that this guy lost his temper.)

But while Bradley’s meltdown was tame compared to his previous antics (no announcers were screamed at) or that of teammates such as Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster and Ted Lilly earlier this season, Pinella had apparently reached his limit. So MLB.COM says he had words with Bradley in the tunnel, ending with him telling Bradley to “take his uniform off and go home.” So do you think the Cubs are regretting signing Bradley to that three year, $30 million contract in the off-season?

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Porn People Want To Place Ads on Texans Jerseys

• In lieu of a new NFL rule, an adult film company makes an offer to place its ads on the Houston Texans’ practice jerseys.

Andre Johnson Crude Oil porno

• Despite some secretly-planted grass, the Red Sox still continue to spank the Yanks at Fenway.

Alonzo Mourning thinks Kobe is a better coach than Phil Jackson.

• Phillies slugger Raul Ibanez gets irate at a blogger for making steroid accusations, offers to show his hair, blood, urine, stool… you get the idea.

• Ex-NFL bust Ryan Leaf is on the run from the law over his drug charges.

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Raul Ibanez Is A Little Bit Disgusted With Bloggers

If you know me at all, then you know that I usually try to avoid any story in which a member of the Philadelphia Phillies is offering to give out samples of his stool. But this can’t be avoided, so here goes. Raul Ibanez is denying, in spectacular fashion, speculation that he might be on steroids. Seriously, is he going to have to choke a b***h?

Raul Ibanez

In a post on his MIDWEST SPORTS FAN blog recently, Jerod Morris ruminated on Ibanez’s improved hitting numbers, bringing up the notion that they may be due to his possibly being on the juice. Ibanez was not amused, and fired back in an interview with the ink and newsprint-based PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. Read more…