Queen Goes Unrescued At Wimbledon: No Anthem

Monday I reported on a bit of a dust-up involving Scotland’s Andy Murray and the Queen of England. When he was told Queen Elizabeth would be appearing at Wimbledon for the first time in 33 years and that she would likely take in one of his matches, Murray said he was “unsure” if he would bow to the Queen - as has been protocol over the years.

England National Anthem Canceled At Wimbledon As Courtesy To Andy Murray

(Official itinerary of Queen Elizabeth at Wimbledon today)

Thanks to negative reaction to his comments, Murray quickly backed down and did his duty today on Centre Court in the presence of “H.M.” (Her Majesty.)

But Murray’s lack of enthusiasm for the tradition apparently wasn’t lost on Wimbledon officials. Nor was his past comments about the World Cup. When recently asked who he was rooting for in South Africa, Murray reportedly said, “anyone but England.Read more…

Wimbledon: Andy Murray Wavers On Queen Bow

For the first time in 30 years, Queen Elizabeth is planning to attend matches at Wimbledon this week. With players previously required to bow or curtsy when in the presence of the Queen, the appearance of the English Monarchy has apparently led to a dilemma for the U.K.’s top player and tournament fourth-seed Andy Murray.

Andy Murray Agrees To Bow To The Queen Of England

Murray, who is Scottish, is from a country that for centuries fought England for its independence and continues to celebrate many of its customs and traditions separately from England.

So it isn’t as automatic for Murray to bow to an English King or Queen as you might think. Add on Murray’s first blush reaction to the British press about the prospect and a bit of a panic set in across the pond.

Murray to the LONDON TELEGRAPH on meeting the Queen: Read more…