Lisa Mayfield Arrested: Assault, Trespassing, Intox

Every time we get the notion that the Jeremy Mayfield Meth Saga is over and done and he’s going to come clean, something inexplicably pops up that lends credence to his story, and we’re forced to reconsider facts of the case that would otherwise be beyond second thought.

Meet the Mayfields
(Meet the Mayfields! One of them’s in a metric f**kton of trouble for meth use… and it’s not the one on the left.)

To wit, the last time we heard from Lisa Mayfield, she was testifying in federal court that she had witnessed Jeremy purchase, manufacture, and use methamphetamines dozens of times over the last 10 years or so. Jeremy, as you’ll also recall, responded by calling her “basically a whore” who “killed [his] father.” Doesn’t look good for Jeremy, right? Well, it sure didn’t… until Lisa got arrested on a litany of charges this weekend on Jeremy’s property.

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Terry Glenn Likes To Get Naked And Smoke Weed

Wide receiver Terry Glenn hasn’t played in the NFL since 2006 when he was with the Dallas Cowboys before having to miss the 2007 season with a knee injury. He was then cut by the Cowboys before the 2008 season started because of that knee, and sat around hoping somebody would sign him to a deal. They didn’t, which gave Terry a lot of free time.

Terry Glenn

Now you know that old saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground?”  That’s a stupid saying - shut up, Grandma. Still, at times it does ring true. For instance, since Terry Glenn has no football season to prepare for he really doesn’t have anything to do. So that gives him a lot of time to just get really drunk at a hotel, smoke some weed, and then roam the halls naked. Because, you know, why not? Too bad other visitors of the hotel have to ruin things and call the cops.

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