Pryor Singled Out For Breaking OSU Golden Rule

Today we got word that Terrelle Pryor and his Ohio State teammates Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, Solomon Thomas and Jordan Whiting were afforded an extended vacation from football in 2011 by the NCAA.

Ohio State Gold Pants New Tradition

(New Buckeye Tradition? Pantload of Dough)

That those players are eligible for the Sugar Bowl defies logic but we’re way past the point of holding the NCAA or its member institutions accountable for anything.

Another part of this saga that might be upside-down to some is the fact that the majority of Ohio State fans I’ve been tracking since today’s suspension announcement also want Pryor to be benched for the Sugar Bowl.

If you’ve never lived in Columbus, that might come as a surprise, but if you know anything about the innumerable, mind-numbing traditions of Ohio State football you understand why Buckeye fans are more upset with Pryor than other charged Buckeye stars like Posey and Herron. Read more…