Other Entertainment Options Lapping Pro Sports

Everyone who works in sports right now is blaming the alarming drop in NBA, MLB, NASCAR and NHL attendance on the economy.

Pro Spectator Sports Golden Years Are Officially Over

(Sorry, no ‘plz support your team!’ piece by your local cheerleading columnist)

But look at other entertainment options, like movies, video games, and concerts. Those businesses are doing quite well, and in many cases have seen little-to-no dropoff in popularity. So why has attendance for *major league* sports fallen off a cliff while millions still flock to the next cheeseball Will Ferrell vehicle?

Besides NFL, is interest in pro sports in permanent decline?

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Answer: Besides the NFL, sports as entertainment is in permanent decline. The economic meltdown only sped up the inevitable.

I worked in sports for over a decade, for teams and in the main media. I was a play-by-play announcer in MLB, worked the minor leagues for many years in baseball and hockey, was a national talk show host at Fox Sports Radio and anchored Ohio State and USC football coverage for multiple years. But I’m 5+ years removed from the main media sports biz now, so I’ve got a completely different perspective on where the spectator sports industry is going.

Kids, the golden years are behind us. Read more…