Steelers LB Wants To Take His Ball And Go Home

In modern professional sports, it’s far from uncommon for athletes to force their team’s management to release or trade them. Often, these disgruntled athletes are either buried on the depth chart/rotation/bench, or they have been stuck playing for perennial losers and want a chance to win a few games. Like it or not, it usually works, often to the benefit of both team and player.

LB Larry Foote

What you don’t usually hear about, however, is a perennial starter asking for his release from a perennial winner, let alone a six-time Super Bowl winner. But that’s exactly what Steelers linebacker Larry Foote has done, just months after being the starting (and winning) middle linebacker in Super Bowl XLIII. And if that’s not a big enough twist for you, get this - he wants to play for the Lions. Yes, those Lions. Huh?

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