MLB Without Steroids Like Porn Without Silicone

For the first time in many, many moons, I sat in a major league ballpark recently and watched two complete MLB games - pitch-by-pitch. (White Sox v. Royals weekend before last.) I worked as a professional baseball announcer for nine years, at the minor- and major-league level, and I must say that what I saw was a little surprising. And deflating (literally).

Monster Implants In Porn Like Steroids In Baseball

(At least porn and baseball still have bad dye jobs in common)

The speed and the power of the game that we’ve all been accustomed to the past 20 years at the MLB level is effectively gone. And the baggie unis only underline the perception that the game is now being played underwater. (Read slooooooo motion.)

Baseball is more compelling …

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Any ideas why? BudRoger? Alex? Barry? Governor Arnold?

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