Speed Read: Lions Fans As Horrid As Their Team

“She gets mad/Starts to cry/She takes a swing but/She can’t hit/She don’t mean no harm/She just don’t know/What else to do about it” - “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction

Most people assume that Jane’s Addiction’s seminal alt-rock ballad “Jane Says” is about their hometown of Los Angeles. It isn’t. It’s actually about Detroit, where lead singer Perry Farrell lived for some time.

Detroit Lions fan arrest

It’s not actually about the Detroit Lions or their female fans, but the lyrics seem incredibly appropriate when watching this video from Sunday of a pair of loaded Lions fans making total asses of themselves after pouring beer on the head of a fan before getting hauled off by police to what was probably the biggest applause of the day:

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Vasquez Gets Vicious After Receiving Racial Slurs

• Why did LaLa Vasquez get into some vicious verbal jawing with Mavericks fans? Because she claims she was receiving racist taunts.

LaLa Vasquez

• What the Hellman’s? USC basketball coach Tim Floyd supposedly spent $1,000 to get some Mayo.

• Huzzah! NASCAR events can trace their roots back to Medieval times.

• Ex-NBA player Corie Blount is sentenced to one year in prison for having too many blunts, but not without a final jab from the presiding judge: “Cheech And Chong would have a hard time smoking that much.”

• Since we’ve already covered the Miami Caliente, it’s only fair that we also take a look at the Lingerie Football League’s other Florida franchise - the Tampa Breeze.

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Former NBAer Caught Tipping Off Drug Kingpin

The life of a retired NBA benchwarmer is a rough one. You’ve blown most of your career earnings on bad business deals and overpriced houses, you’re not well known enough to make any money endorsing things, and nobody appreciates the years you spent putting up 10 points per game for an awful expansion team. What’s a forgotten cager to do?

Pooh Richardson

Well, if you’re former Minnesota Timberwolf Pooh Richardson, you while away your days looking out for the well being of your friends. Seems like a worthy and wholesome way for ol’ Pooh to spend his time until you find out that his “friends” are drug lords and “looking out for” means “tipping them off to a raid by the feds.” Oops.

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