Help a Little Girl To Beat “Aggressive” Leukemia

Alan Hahn of NEWSDAY gives us all some work to do. Hahn introduces to a 6-year-old Jasmina, who recently befriend New York Knick Chris Wilcox. As you can see, she’s a beautiful little girl, but sadly she has leukemia.

Chris Wilcox searching for Jasmina's bone marrow transplant


She has a rare and agressive form of it, which was diagnosed on Jan. 20. Her doctors say she needs a bone marrow transplant now or Jasmina will die.

Wilcox: “I have a sister who suffers from Lupus so, unfortunately, she is in and out of the hospital and has undergone chemotherapy. I just can’t bear to see a six year old who literally could die if we don’t find her a match soon.

So what needs to be done? And what can we all do? Read more…