Pitino On ‘Very Brief’ Sex: ‘She Opened My Pants’

John Clay of the LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER and Matt Jones and Thomas Beisner of KentuckySportsRadio.com has the latest on Rick Pitino’s testimony today at the coach’s extortion trial in Louisville.

Rick Pitino, Karen Sypher

Speaking inside a jammed courtroom, Jones reports this afternoon that Pitino admitted to having sex with the woman he’s accused of extortion, Karen Sypher:

Pitino admits to “unfortunate” action with Sypher. Says “she opened my pants” and they had sex “very briefly”

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Pitino Trial Sketch: Money, Power, Sex, Bad Art

You don’t need me to tell you how wonderfully entertaining the Rick Pitino extortion trial is. Don’t let anyone screw that up for you.

Karen Sypher Rick Pitino Courtroom Sketch

(I like to call this one “The Scream”)

Forgive me though as I request your momentary indulgence by humbly submitting these delightful courtroom sketches of the trial by a local artist for Louisville’s WLKY-TV.

Rick Pitino Courtroom Sketch

What could possibly top those sketches? Why, an interview with the artist himself, of course!

Rick Pitino Courtroom Sketch

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