OK State Player Accused Of Rape; Invokes Satan

This week Oklahoma State basketball player Matt Pilgrim was accused of rape by an OSU female student. Monday afternoon in Stillwater, Okla., the woman requested and was granted an emergency protective order against Pilgrim, who she alleges raped her on April 12 in her on-campus apartment.

Matt Pilgram Invokes Satan On Facebook In Response To Rape Allegation

As part of the petition for the emergency protective order, the TULSA WORLD noted Wednesday:

The student said she received an email from Pilgrim on April 13 and didn’t hear from him again until May 2 at Smith Hall. They had words and she requested — and was granted — a protective order that day.

The student and Pilgrim will appear at Payne County Courthouse on May 20 for a hearing. Pilgrim has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

The World reported that while Cowboys basketball coach Travis Ford declined comment on the matter, OSU spokesman Gary Shutt, “indicated Pilgrim is still in school and is still a member of the basketball team while the investigation continues.

On April 12 the woman claimed to Oklahoma State University Police that Pilgrim raped her. She subsequently declined to assist OSU police and Payne County prosecutors in the investigation of the alleged incident. The case was then considered closed. Read more…