Harbaugh: Stanford Philanderer Of a Different Kind

When several media outlets yesterday exposed Stanford Football Coach Jim Harbaugh’s interest in becoming the head football coach at Kansas, I had the same reaction we’ve all had to the sad cast of bimbos (allegedly) procured by Tiger Woods.

Jim Harbaugh And Tiger Woods: Stanford Philanderers

(Both now out of their Tree)

Okay, maybe that’s an unfair comparison considering Harbaugh’s confirmed interest in the Jayhawks would’ve been a lateral move at best, while Woods’ (alleged) conquests are akin to Harbaugh taking the UAB job. (Whoops, gave Jimbo an idea.)

Yesterday with several, credible Kansas City media outlets reporting that Harbaugh was strongly considering taking the Jayhawks job, the Stanford coach was suddenly unable to be reached by any media outlet. Likewise Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby, who two days earlier was machine-gunning denials to reporters when Harbaugh’s name popped up for the Notre Dame job.

Today Harbaugh emerged from his press embargo to proclaim his undying allegiance to Stanford and scold media members who had the audacity to report the truth.

“Though the rumor mill has been running full gear, my resolve and future proudly remains as head coach at Stanford University. The reports of the last 24 hours are untrue, though I respect the University of Kansas and athletic director Lew Perkins. I trust this puts an end to these rumors and reports, allowing the focus of fans and the media to shine a bright spotlight on Toby Gerhart today. I love Toby and our players and coaches at Stanford, and as Toby told reporters, I am a Stanford man.”

Harbaugh is a “proud Stanford man”? That must explain why he waited a full 24 hours to shoot down a  torrent of reports that his KU hire was imminent. As for Harbaugh’s availability Friday night, Bowlsby told Jon Wilner of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS that, “he said he was traveling until late last night and couldn’t respond to my questions.

So not only did Harbaugh not make clear his intentions to the media, but he blew off the Stanford athletic director who was also left to twist in the wind! Read more…