Wrestling In Seattle: Sport Or Legitimate Theater?

For years, pro wrestlers - the Speedo-wearing ones, not the singlets - have had to battle the perception of whether their antics are real or fake. The truth lies somewhere in between since the matches are predetermined, but it’s pretty hard to fake being body slammed through a table. Still, there’s a group of wrestlers in Seattle called Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling who face an entirely new battle - whether they’re wrestlers or actors.

Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling's Gorilla Sammartino

(What happens when you don’t pay attention to your children)

You see, the members of Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling don’t really consider what they do to be wrestling or sports entertainment as much as they just consider it just entertainment - more along the lines of a play or cabaret show that travels from Seattle bar to Seattle bar entertaining the drunken masses of the Emerald City. Unfortunately for them, the city of Seattle considers what they do as sports entertainment, and that makes things rather expensive for a group of unpaid actors in banana hammocks.

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