All Of ESPN’s Tiger News Created By TMZ, Radar

For now, the maddening tabs have mostly turned away from Tiger Woods and his gaggle of alleged mistresses. Thanks to the gossips, not to mention new and old media, the story’s lifespan was expanded about two weeks too long. And if Brittany Murphy hadn’t died, it might still be getting the pseudo news treatment.

Tiger Woods Yacht Docked At Old Port Cove Marina North Palm Beach Florida

One of the outlets responsible for that unnatural extension is, which reported last Sunday that Woods had taken his yacht to the Bahamas “for a few days” this week with friends and “golfing buddies.”

At the time, I called out the golfing buddies part of the report from Linda Marx, but thanks to two people who have actually staked out the boat 24/7 of late, we now know the entire People report was wrong. Read more…