Ex-NBAer Sex Life: “90 Different Women a Month”

ESPN’s Outside The Lines recently produced a piece on the sometimes borderless sexual compulsions of athletes that was highlighted by an unfailingly shocking and sad interview with former NBA and Kentucky basketball player Winston Bennett.

Winston Bennett and Wife Peggy Bennett

Bennett said of his uncontrollable sexual compulsion:

“Three or four women in one day was typical for me. It was like a drug. I had to have more.”

That’s different women in one day.

Bennett later confirmed in the interview that before he was married, he did indeed have sex with upwards of 90 different women per month. After he got married, Bennett said the number of women per month was “half” his previous pace.

Though Bennett said he was faithful to his wife Peggy for “exactly one day,” the two are still somehow together after 20 years. Even after Bennett admitted “dozens” of affairs to her and gave her two sexually-transmitted diseases. (Bennett said he “never” wore a condom.)

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