Fitness Pro: Spurrier Workout “Not Really Smart”

Yesterday I noted a news feature from Travis Haney of the CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER and Joe Person of THE STATE (SC) in which Steve Spurrier’s daily exercise routine was presented in meticulous detail.

Steve Spurrier Workout Critiqued By Fitness Professional Pauline Nordin

(Fitness Pro Pauline Nordin Critiques Coach’s Touted Personal Workout)

To his credit, the head football coach of South Carolina, who just turned 65 and is a former elite athlete, still looks to be in reasonably good condition for his age. (Witness his posing for the newspapers shirtless.)

As Haney and Person actually worked out with Spurrier and recorded quotes from him throughout the process, we got a lot of very specific information on an exercise routine  Spurrier has been doing for decades - and swears keeps him in optimum condition:

“When I was in my 40s, I never thought I’d coach into my 60s. But now, shoot, I feel better than I did when I was 45.”

With that kind of conviction from the coach, I thought I’d call on an expert in the exercise field, professional fitness model and certified personal trainer Pauline Nordin, to examine Spurrier’s claims.

Steve Spurrier Workout Critiqued By Fitness Professional Pauline Nordin

Nordin, a native of Sweden who runs the popular fitness blog, is a former competitive bodybuilder who has been profiled extensively in countless fitness magazines, including Muscle & Fitness and Flex. Based in Los Angeles, she’s also served as an on-camera trainer in the production of television’s The Biggest Loser reality show.

I emailed Nordin the Spurrier article and asked for her reaction to his published exercise routine. Nordin, who is also an accomplished fitness blogger, wasn’t shy in her critique of the coach’s workout:

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