Pac-10 Plane Yet To Reach KC? A&M Mulls Future

George Schroeder of the EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD reports today that former Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny has confirmed that his personal, private jet is being used to “ferry” Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott to various cities that also happen to be the home of possible Pac-10 expansion candidate schools.

Since June 11, Scott so far has visited Salt Lake City (Utah), Oklahoma City (OU, OSU), Lubbock (Texas Tech), Austin (UT) and College Station (A&M). The plane’s schedule is booked for an Austin-to-Kansas City flight on Sunday evening.*

The University of Kansas has been knocked around in the media as a possible Pac-10 expansion candidate in the past few days, especially as a replacement for A&M if the Aggies decide not to go west with the Texas and Oklahoma schools to the Pac-10.

*UPDATE (11:16p ET): The Pac-10 plane’s schedule has apparently either been changed, recently blocked or may involve a Monday flight. Read more…

Sunday: Pac-10 Plane Pays Visit To Texas A&M

Multiple sources this weekend have confirmed to me the plane Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott is using to visit the Pac-10’s expansion school candidates in Oklahoma and Texas the past 48 hours.

Pac 10 Plane Pays Visit To Texas A&M

Here’s the most recent itinerary of the plane, owned by former Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny: Read more…