Pam Anderson Throws Out First Pitch For Dodgers

After already mentioning Jose Lima today, let’s head back out to Dodger Stadium to check out another piece of talent past her prime.

Pam Anderson Dodgers game

Former Baywatch star and rock-star bicycle Pamela Anderson threw out the first pitch for the Dodgers last night. As you can see, the reading on the JUGGS gun was “two.” Read more…

PETA Kooks Now Legit Thanks To Eight Belles?

I have to laugh when I see PETA continually being cited by numerous main media outlets when it comes to the heated debate over Eight Belles. It’s a great example of what happens when money and celebrity get behind something - logic goes out the window.

Pam Anderson Eight Belles PETA Extremists soil debate

(No meat, no milk, no pets, no hunting or fishing … no problem!)

We all know about the kooks running PETA, and their laughable approach to animal rights. Actually, forget laughable, sometimes their views are downright insane. But the organization has plenty of cash and Hollywood star power behind it, so when it rushed out a press release in an attempt to weigh in first on measures that should be taken to protect racehorses, suddenly the MSM treated PETA like it was a well-measured consortium of animal lovers.

Mind you, this is the same PETA that believes in “no meat, no milk, no zoos, no circuses, no wool, no leather, no hunting, no fishing, and no pets (not even seeing-eye dogs).

And teaches schoolchildren that, “everyday behaviors, such as eating a diet that contains meat or animal products, are unmistakably, unequivocally acts of animal cruelty.

So now thousands of outlets are printing PETA’s views on Eight Belles and horse racing at large. And ESPN has cited PETA hundreds (thousands?) of times on its numerous platforms this week.

If PETA didn’t have major celebs like Pam Anderson (in quasi-porn ads for the cause), Tony LaRussa and Alec Baldwin in fold, do you think that would all be happening?

But all that isn’t the worst in the PETA-Eight Belles fiasco. Thanks to the Tirico & Van Pelt show on ESPN Radio yesterday, we now know that the organization is a complete fraud when it comes to understanding the very basics of horse racing.

Read more…

Pam Anderson & Kenny G Enjoy Pepperdine B-ball

Never mind the Lakers - Pepperdine is the new hot spot for L.A.’s big-name basketball fans.

Pam Anderson and Kenny G at Pepperdine basketball game

BUSTED COVERAGE uncovers photos of Pamela Anderson & Kenny G spending their Saturday night at the Malibu school, as the sex star & sax star saw the Waves wash over West Coast Conference foe Santa Clara. Read more…

College Mascot Has A Lot Of Balls - 2 To Be Exact

Mascots can act like such pricks. Sometimes, they really ARE pricks.

Oregon Ducks Houston Cougars mascots fight

Move over Phillie Phanatic, because America has a new favorite costumed kook. MEDIA BISTRO’S UNBEIGE uncovers the pride & joy of the Rhode Island School of Design: Scrotie!

You’re probably asking - Whaaaaaaaa? Well, the nickname for the RISD’s hockey squad is the Nads. So, what better symbol to lead the fans’ mighty cheer of “Go, Nads!

But is Scrotie the unmentionable mascot you think he is? Click onward, if you dare (NSFW):

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Pam Kisses Whale (Not From Tommy Lee Video)

We know Pam Anderson is Canadian, and has an rather unhealthy love for animals, but this photo last night of the KFC-killa kissing the Vancouver Canucks mascot caught us with our pants down (much like the entire male population of Malibu Colony when Pam is in town):

Pam Anderson Vancouver Canucks Orca Whale Mascot

Pam Anderson Pays Of Huge Poker Debt With Sex With Antonio Esfandiari

SHOCK! ANDERSON PAID OFF $250K POKER DEBT WITH SEX: Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL reports that Pam Anderson said this week that she has a unique way of paying off poker debts: “I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love.

Pam Anderson

Norm: “During an appearance Wednesday on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Anderson declined to identify her new mystery man, but there’s scuttlebutt in the poker world that she’s been seeing 29-year-old Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari.

Anderson later said on the show she lost $250,000 in a poker game and was offered an “Indecent Proposal”-like out to clear the debt.

Pam Anderson

If Esfandiari has designs on the snare drum-skinned strumpet, he might consider Clarke’s recently hourly accounting of the Hep-carrying concubine:

• “Prior to her VMAs red carpet walk with Klok, someone in her camp asked that they be introduced as ‘Pamela Anderson and her boyfriend Hans Klok.’

• “Hours later, she attended an after-party at Blush (Wynn) with Rick Solomon, Paris Hilton’s co-star in a very famous video.

• “Even later, she and ex-hubbie Tommy Lee were seen together at LAX and Noir Bar at the Luxor near dawn Monday.

Besides the bathroom door at the Waffle House in Dothan, AL, that’s the most daily wipe-down entries we’ve seen in some time.

Pam Anderson Running Huge Expensive Juggs Gun Helps Pepperdine Waves Baseball Team Smack Balls Longer Harder

West Coast Bias

• Larry Brown of AOL Sports Blog lets us know who’s running the JUGGS gun for the Pepperdine baseball team: Pam Anderson.

Pam Anderson Pepperdine Baseball Team

Anderson has apparently adopted the team and is serving as sort of a mascot/house mother for the Waves (or maybe she’s looking for a little extra support herself).

• Starving kids in Africa can wait, at least until after Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s honeymoon this summer.

Eva Longoria Without Makeup

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports a charity all-star hoops game was scheduled for July 15 in Paris to benefit Dikembe Mutombo’s host and research center in The Congo, until Parker canceled the game due to the conflict with his post-nuptials junket.

Mutombo: “Tony is going to be on the honeymoon, and the French Federation says if Tony Parker will not play, the game cannot happen.

• If you want to break into sports journalism, the time is now!

Will Leitch of Deadspin headlines a panel tonight in NYC that will apparently help you break into the glamorous world of reporting on athletic endeavor.

But remember, if you want to be a real, live sports journo, you will have to keep your pants on.

Paul Katcher drops a clue why Starbury’s are sold out at retailers across the country:


A-holes are buying dozens of pairs and reselling them at a markup on Ebay.

• Who knew Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and Larry David were kindred souls? While David’s wife continues to spew verbal diarhhea, Lurie’s wife Christina has her own absurd enviro act.

Christina Lurie Windmills

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports she announced last week that the team will reimburse employees who buy their energy from windmills.

Hey, it could be worse. She could be telling us how to wipe.

Daisuke Matsuzaka’s Wife Pam Anderson of Japan

The BOSTON HERALD reports that Japanese tabloids refer to Daisuke Matsuzaka’s wife as “Rockets,” which is “Japanese for Pamela Anderson. Or for what passes as Pamela in Japan.”

Matsuzaka Wife Pam Anderson

If this is what passes for Pamela Anderson in Japan, it’s time for me to grab my passport and hop on a plane.I’ve found a place to shine!