Dwight Howard Padding His Stats For The Children

It’s a pretty common occurrence in sports for the athletes playing the games to pad their stats somewhat. For the most part, fans see this as a selfish act because the player is putting himself before the team, and they’re right. Still, it’s hard to blame a player for this because the difference between a 15 points per game and a 17 points per game average could be a couple of million dollars for a player, which is nothing to sneeze at.

However, it should be pointed out that padding one’s stats is not always a selfish act. In fact, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard openly admits to padding his stats during games sometimes, but it’s not just to maintain his double-double average to make him look good. No, when Dwight stays in a game longer than he needs to so he can get a few more points or rebounds, he’s doing it for the kids.

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