Sprewell: No Time For Autographs, Financial Solvency

Rocking The Suburbs strikes gold today with this priceless, unsigned autograph rejection form letter from Latrell Sprewell:

Lattrell Sprewell turns down autograph request

Too generic for your taste? We can always tweak, “Yours in Basketball,” to, “Yours in Bankruptcy,” to achieve a little more authenticity.

There’s a logical explanation for Sprewell not being able to spend one second signing for FAN. Read more…

Westhead Hired to Make the Oregon Women Run

Jerry Tarkanian has dibs on “The Shark” (and all your linens), but he hasn’t really used the nickname in nearly a decade. Therefore, we propose Paul Westhead take up the moniker as he also takes up the reins as head coach of the Oregon Ducks’ women’s basketball program. Westhead has two options: run or die. At age 70, he’s still running.

Paul Westhead

Westhead has been floundering since being released as part of P.J. Carlesimo’s Oklahoma City Thunder staff earlier this season. The Thunder’s current running style has been one of the criminally underrated joys of the season, even if the results haven’t shown up in the win column.

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