2 PGA Tour Pros On Tiger: ‘Phony, Fake, Bastard’

Two accomplished PGA Tour pros who have earnings in the millions slammed Tiger Woods in today’s issue of LIFE & STYLE magazine.

Ben Crane, who has a PGA Tour win under his belt and nearly $5 million in earnings said of his fellow PGA Tour member:

“He’s a phony and a fake and he can’t retain that squeaky-clean endorsement deal any longer.” Crane also believes Elin (Nordegren) may have known about Tiger’s other women. “She’s no fool,” Crane says, adding that perhaps Elin “turned a blind eye because of the money and the kids and the lifestyle he provides.”.”

Wow. Crane is the first legitimate PGA Tour pro to come out and harshly criticize Woods. And implying Nordegren knew of Woods’ extramarital affairs is also as nasty as it gets.

Though PGA Tour pro Charles Warren really unloaded on Nordegren, implying that she might’ve been a gold digger. Read more…