Prepare For Malice In The Palace, Philippines Style

Becoming the Ron Artest of the Philippines is probably not something that every professional basketball player sets out to do, but Wynne Arboleda is not your ordinary pro hoops player. First of all, his nickname is “The Snatcher,” supposedly in reference to his ability to steal the ball. Secondly, he has a bit of a temper.

Arboleda, a guard for the PBA’s Burger King Whoppers (yep), was suspended for the remainder of the season and his salary is being withheld after he went into the crowd to fight a spectator during a game with Smart-Gilas Pilipinas on Friday.

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Fred Smoot’s Pro Bowling Ambitions To Be Tested

Fred Smoot is hoping to strike again. But have no fear, aquatic prostitutes of the Beltway, and get your mind out of the gutter. Then get it back in the gutter, because Smoot is planning to join the PBA.

Fred Smoot Bowling

The Washington DB rolled a 212 this week at a team bowling outing, and already seems to have his post-NFL career lined up. And in case this is just the usual bragging, the PBA has offered him an invitation to a tournament. Time to show what size balls he uses.

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