Hoops Coach Stole School $$$, Lied About Players

What do you do if you’re a small-time community college with no athletics scholarships, but you want to attract top-flight basketball talent? You can’t just cut potential recruits a check. (Well, some have, but that’s a different story.) If you’re Greg Winslow, an inventive coach at Ventura College in California, you submit fraudulent admission applications for your out-of-state students, claiming they’re California residents.

Greg Winslow

(That’s Winslow, behind the fatty)

See, California has a great public school system. At Ventura College, state residents only have to pay $20 per credit. Non-residents have to pay $195. That’s why Winslow’s actions have cost the school at least $40,000 in tuition fees, according to the District Attorney’s Office. But before you hail him as some kind of Robin Hood, stealing from the state to give to his players, let’s not forget that he also pocketed money meant for the team.

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