Fla. Group Fighting For HS Cheerleaders’ Rights

A couple days ago, Floridian disaster was narrowly averted when Florida International University announced that their cherished cheerleading squad would be spared the budgetary axe. It was a victory for sports fans, Florida International University fans if such people exist, and fans of cheerleading (and cheerleaders). Heck, as far as we’re concerned (sports and girls…perhaps you’ve noticed, but that’s kind of our thing) it was a victory for all mankind.

FIU cheerleaders bikini car wash

(Protesting cheerleaders. The picture is actually relevant, we swear!)

But now, perhaps emboldened by the FIU cheerleaders’ triumph, a Florida-based gender equity group is attempting to get cheerleading classified as a fully-sanctioned high school sport. Note to Florida-based gender equity group: don’t push it.

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