Oops, Someone Screwed Up: I Have My Own Blog

So through a series of mixups and comic blunders, someone has given me my own sports blog. It’s over at NBCSports.com, and it launches tomorrow at 9 a.m. Title: Out Of Bounds. No, I don’t know the exact url (they tell me very little), but it’ll be promoted on their front page, I’m told. No need to knock; just come right in.

Out Of Bounds logo

I should also say that this doesn’t mean I’m leaving SbB … on the contrary, once I get things situated in the new place, I’ll be here more than ever. I know that makes you happy … (hey! Who threw that brick?) Leaving SbB at this juncture is quite inconceivable, frankly. This site is going places; Brooks willing it to greatness through sheer heavy lifting and thought control. No one on the web is close to touching what he’s accomplished over the past nine months, and I want to continue to be a part of that. The vibe here is electric. He is the lightning thief.

So, that’s what’s happening. Above please enjoy a screen capture of the Out Of Bounds logo, never before seen in the wild. No, I have no idea what’s going on in it, or who those people are. All I can tell you is that if that’s a Kansas City Chief there on the left, soon he will either be suspended or traded to Yahoo.

Closeups: Did Santonio Really Stick The Landing?

From Will Leitch’s personal blog today:

Santonio Holmes Football Out Of Bounds Photo

UPDATE (2:30pm PT): Just saw this in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, on a tip from Jamie Mottram:

Santonio Holmes Gets Both Feet Down

And yet another seemingly definitive photo of the play after the jump. Read more…