Paul Pierce Twitter Acct: “Anybody Got a Broom?”

The “digital branding agency” for Paul Pierce claims this morning that four recent Tweets taunting the Orlando Magic from Pierce’s verified Twitter account did not come from the Celtics player.

Paul Pierce Tweet: Anybody Got a Broom?

Athlete Interactive, which coordinates Pierce’s Twitter account, Tweeted Wednesday:

Tweets on May 18, 2010 from @paulpierce34 are not Paul Pierce. The account was hacked. Twitter has been notified and is investigating.

Orlando-based WFTV producer Tara Manis added on Twitter, “I saw him talking to other reporters when these were sent… no cell in hand.”

Paul Pierce Tweet: Denies Previous Twitter Comments About Magic

Pierce also addressed the matter himself on his Twitter account Wednesday morning, Tweeting, “Hacked in game and post game while on podium. Disregard chatter.

After the Celtics defeated the Magic in Orlando to take a 2-0 lead in the playoff series, Dwight Howard was asked by a reporter about an alleged Pierce Tweet that said, “Anyone have a BROOM?Read more…