St. Mary’s Player Is Apparently Driven To Be #2

Thanks to a thrilling win over Villanova in the NCAA Tournament, St. Mary’s is the talk of college basketball today.

St. Mary's Player Omar Samhan Poopshower Blog Youtube Account

(More like the “Oh-No” Zone)

These sorts of moments is why March Madness is so popular. Yeah, gambling is ultimately what fuels the most interest in the tournament, but massive upsets is at least a distant second on that list. (Third: Bob Huggins eternally engineering wardrobe ensembles failing to entail tucking of shirt tail.)

So like many of you, the St. Mary’s win made my day. Unlike many of you, it wasn’t because I had the Gaels in the last of 37 brackets I filled out while ditching work in an El Pollo Loco parking lot last Tuesday.

No, the O-Zone blog of Gaels player Omar Samhan, which is duly noted and linked on the school’s official website, is the source of my delight.

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