Little People + Hillary = Minor League Summer Fun

Afraid that you would have nothing exciting to do this week? That was before you read this post: Your week is set, my friends, thanks to Minor League Baseball. First, if you never thought you’d be able to party to the hip hop beat of a Christian-leaning Native American little people rap duo, think again (if you live anywhere near Oklahoma City). Meet Crunk Nativez, who make up with enthusiasm what they lack in ability to reach things on shelves.

Crunk Nativez, Hillary

Lil Mike and Funnybone will be performing for the Oklahoma City Redhawks on Thursday at Bricktown Ballpark, and if you’ve never seen them perform, you’re missing, um, something. My favorite of theirs has to be “Waitin’ On Wifey,” but check out “Rain Dance” in the video below. The Redhawks will never know what hit them. But hey, the fun’s only beginning: Especially if you live in Iowa. Read more…