Ohio State’s Full “Throwback” Uniforms Revealed

In case you hadn’t heard, it sounds like Ohio State is going to wear some throwback uniforms for their annual tilt with Michigan on November 21. We saw a blurry camera pic of the jersey yesterday and scratched our heads; it hardly looked like a throwback, just another future-tron white jersey that are all over college football these days.

Ohio State Throwback Uniforms
(Well well.)

ELEVEN WARRIORS appears to have found the rest of the uniform, pictured above. Now, the “throwback” stuff comes into play. The font for the numbers on the helmet seems to have been stolen directly from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ current uniforms, but the pants are old school to the core and it all looks exactly the way you’d want a throwback to look, really.

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Ohio St. To Wear White Helmets With Throwbacks

Lotsa rumors swirling the past few weeks in Central Ohio about the throwbacks Ohio State will wear for the Michigan game on November 21.

Ohio State White Helmets Part of Throwback Look on Nov. 21 against Michigan

(1955 OSU Heisman winner and my ol’ pal in Columbus, Hop Cassady)

At the very least OSU did confirm the news this week, reporting that the unis are a tribute to the 1954 national title team (’55 jersey above). OSU AD Gene Smith noted in his release that the jerseys will be displayed beginning on Nov. 15 on the Buckeyes official merch site.

Of course, right now there’s an image floating around the web of the possible jersey the Buckeyes will wear.

Ohio State Smuggled Throwback Jersey Photo and White Helmets:

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