Luke Walton: “Trust Me, (Odom) Will Be A Laker”

Lamar Odom’s fake holdout was all fun & games until Odom’s incompetent agent, Jeff Schwartz, decided to overplay his cards. With his several lame attempts to squeeze a few more shekels out of O.D.B. (Ol’ Doc Buss), Schwartz has succeeded in alienating Odom from the Owner and the fans.

Luke Walton Kareem Rush With Playboy Bunnies

(Sorry Kareem Rush, Luke Wasn’t Talking About You)

But not apparently Odom’s teammates.

Longtime AVP announcer Chris “Geeter” McGee reported over the weekend on his Twitter that Luke Walton was at the AVP Manhattan Beach tournament, and that the L.A. Laker wasn’t shy about clarifying Odom’s status with the team. Read more…