Fake White Sox Fan? Obama Botches Player Name

You really have to give Barack Obama for sticking to his claim of being a diehard White Sox fan. Most guys might back off a little bit after botching the name of the home ballpark where the team called home for 100 years. But Obama was back on the bandwagon on Friday, crowing this to a crowd after Mark Buehrle’s no-hitter:

“Today everybody is a White Sox fan. I was up on the North Side and all these Cubs fans were all like what about Buehrle. And I was like that’s right. That was extraordinary. I spoke to Buehrle on the phone, on the Air Force One, one of the privileges of Presidency. You can call up a guy after he pitches a perfect game. I told him that he had to buy a big steak dinner for that center fielder Weiss because he saved that perfect game.”

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