USC Coach Buys $2M Condo Near LA’s Skid Row

The real estate website reported on a landmark purchase of a downtown Los Angeles condo this week.

Kevin O'Neill buys $2M condo a half-mile from L.A.'s skid row

($2.15M to be half-mile from skid row?)

USC basketball coach Kevin O’Neill reportedly may have spent more money on a downtown L.A. condo resale than anyone in history.

Kevin O’Neill, head coach of the USC Trojans basketball team, plunked down $2.15 million for a penthouse in Elleven in South Park, a sale which is being billed as the biggest resale in Downtown by real estate agency Loftway, which handled the deal.

Apparently O’Neill knows something about downtown Los Angeles the rest of us don’t. For some context, a 2008 report noted a condo in New York City selling for $80 million. Read more…