Nu’Keese, Byrd Issue Denials; NC State Responds

Friday I posted two online videos that featured former Tennessee wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson and current N.C. State defensive back Jarvis Byrd during a late night trip to Wal-Mart.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

The videos, uploaded by Richardson himself and linked via his personal Twitter account, showed Byrd and friend Kaalum Williams opening t-shirt packages inside the Wal-Mart and putting on those t-shirts under the shirts the two wore into the store.

Jarvis Byrd at Wal-Mart

19-year-old Richardson, who was kicked off the Tennessee football team after being convicted of attempted armed robbery last November, was prominently featured in the videos but was not seen on camera taking any shirts. Though Richardson made clear with his comments that he knew what Williams and Byrd were doing.

To see the video and read the transcript of the trio’s comments, go here.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

Since my Friday post, both Richardson and Byrd have reacted to the discovery of the videos, along with an N.C. State spokesman. We also now know the Wal-Mart where the three filmed the incident. Read more…