Bush: ‘Packed Up’ Weis Snubs Postgame Media

UPDATE: ND AD Jack Swarbrick told the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE late Saturday that he hadn’t started a coaching search.

“Any version of anything you hear in the contact with a coach are absolutely false. We haven’t talked to anybody. We haven’t authorized anybody to talk to anybody. It’s simply not true.”

Tony Barnhart of CBS Sports reported earlier Saturday that Bob Stoops would travel to South Bend on Sunday to meet with Swarbrick about the job.

Charlie Weis blows off media after Stanford loss

Meanwhile Weis, in a classless move, blew off the media after the Stanford loss - as reported by Brian Hamilton of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

Not exactly a startling revelation, but Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com has fired the first shot in Charlie Weis‘ coaching execution at Notre Dame as he reported late Saturday night:

Charlie Weis, The Office

(Okay, wrong office)

And NFL source tells us that Weis already has cleaned out his office, in anticipation of being fired when the team returns to Indiana after the conclusion of Saturday’s game.

November 30 is the first day of a recruiting period for college football coaches, and ND has barred Weis from making overtures to prospective players starting tomorrow. I’m actually surprised an announcement about Weis’ ouster wasn’t made before the Stanford game.

What’s the point of waiting?

As for the Stanford game, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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