Mariotti Sent Journo Legend ‘Vile, Defriend’ Letter

Legendary LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL columnist Norm Clarke related his professional and personal experience with Jay Mariotti Sunday night on Twitter. Here’s what Clarke wrote:

It saddens me, as a former friend & colleague of Jay Marrioti, that he hasn’t figured it out.

In the 80’s i covered an Olympics and a World Series with him. The friendship ended at the Closing Ceremonies of the Calgary Olympics.

He wanted to leave 30 minutes into the show. Two of the 3 of us wanted to stay. He stormed out of the stadium, f-bombing us.

Next morning, i found a two-page handwritten letter under my dorm door.

It was the most vile and disturbing thing I had ever received from a “friend.” A bad case of battle fatigue, I figured. Basically saying why he was defriending ME, that i was unworthy.

I tore up the letter & moved on. A few months later, he sent a similar letter to a Denver talk-show host.

One of my great regrets in life is that i didn’t kick in his door and knock him on his punk ass.

For context: I’ve read Norm Clarke’s work for decades and have been lucky enough to get to know him in recent years. A gentler, more considerate soul you will not meet. Read more…